Sweet Weight Shredder

With weight loss such a serious issue for most of the developed world, there are countless vitamins and supplements, super tricks and “weight loss gurus” who are just dying to make a quick buck off of your fortune, well we turn our noses up at these shysters.
We want to look today in to herbal weight loss – one of the safest and healthiest ways to go about cutting away the extra tire, and they also help you avoid the mental trauma that supplements can put you under with side effects like depression.

You should take the herbs alongside a healthy and nutritious diet, rather than relying on only herbs – this will not fly. We also recommend looking into a friendly, easy to use and light working exercise regime to succeed in your battle against excess fat.

We also recommend that you look into online weight loss products – there are lots of valuable products out there. A lot of helpful people out there want to produce genuinely helpful and insightful content; all about helping you lose weight. For example, take a look at Sweet Weight Shredder; it’s an extremely comprehensive weight loss guide, which is extremely important in losing weight. Having a guide to follow and something to focus you around is very important.
Here are a list of five excellent herbs that come highly recommended by us for their weight loss properties;


Found in Mexico, the West Indies, and some of Central and South America, it is a traditional herbal remedy, used in tonics and laxatives. It is used to make relaxing teas in some Latin cultures; it can also help your libido, weight issues and inflammation. It encourages easier bowel movements too, and has been shown – when combined with guarana and yerba mate – that it can help with weight loss, as it makes you feel full after a small meal, thus you eat less.

A cornerstone in Chinese herbal medicines, it means “all curing” in the Greek language. Used in weight loss as well as restoring energy and stamina. It is a general feel-good herb, and is one of the most common and well known in the world. Stimulates body and mind, helps eliminate anaemia and has been proven in the past to work well in weight control. Again, when used in a comprehensive diet, will work very well.


Found in Asia and India, this herb was used to treat diabetes and arthritis years ago, as well as being a modern weight-relief tool. It can reduce your sugar cravings and balance your sugar levels out too. Usually found in a capsule, tea or powder format. It can however produce an upset stomach while it works, so beware of this. When used as part of a comprehensive weight management strategy, gymnema may have significant benefit.

No, dandelion does not just ruin your grass. A strong medicinal and weight loss tool, especially in a tea form, it also helps urine production – removing excess water and salts from your kidneys – can help regulate blood sugar and therefore stopping food binges. Brew your tea at half strength to begin your weight loss, as it can be too strong for some, and beware of the increased urination up to five hours after consumption.


Mainly used to treat urinary tract infections, and has been in civilised use for centuries. However, it is not well known for its weight loss help. Usually marketed as a tea towards weight loss clients. It increased urinary output, which could help with weight loss but only temporarily – it is not a cure, not one of the best herbs out there for weight loss.

However, there is more to weight loss than just eating the right stuff and changing your supplements. You also need to get in the right mental state, and start to exercise more. If you are looking for a well-written, detailed, involving and actionable weight loss regime, then look no further than Sweet Weight Shredder.

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